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Mickey's Honest Review of Mae

Really sweet girl. Friends with Gifchy. Very good at taking care of clients.

Escort: Mae

Date: 12th of Jul 2017


I had a wonderful time with Gifchy and Mae. Since they are friends and younger, I requested both together as I thought they might feel more comfortable. We started our date by me sending them shopping. I don't like shopping as too much walking and waiting for me, so I told them to come get some money and go. To my surprise, they said they would pay and get the money later and bring me receipts. That was impressive they would allow and suggest that and made for a good start.

Exactly at the time they were suppose to start shopping, they did--I know because they sent me messages and pictures of them trying on different outfits so I could select. That was another very impressive thing they did. A few of the things they selected I didn't like and told them and they didn't get, but they found a few outfits and shoes that were very nice which I told them ok to.

They returned to me wearing the outfits I had picked out exactly on time for when I had told them I'd want them to be finished shopping and meet me. Having two of them worked great as they were very relaxed as they talked and enjoyed each other's company. Gifchy seemed like the more mature type and she made an effort to try to talk with me although her English was kind of limited. It appears the Mae might be better at English as everything I tried to order something she'd talk to the waitress to let them know exactly what I wanted, so she obviously clearly understood what I was trying to tell the waitress. I found it impressive that she made sure my orders were correct.

I'll skip over a lot of things we did but end of the night we finished with a few drinks at a restaurant they showed me which was still open. I made sure to tell the girls that they could leave any time as our time was over, but they continued to stay with me until I went back to my room which was several hours later. I felt a bit bad keeping them over-time and made sure to remind them that they could leave any time but they just continued to stay with me to keep me company until I went home.

I had a great time with both of them. Also being seen out with two hot chicks--one on each of my arms was like a dream come true as everyone looked and probably thought I was someone really important. Going out with 2 hot chicks at the same time is something I strongly encourage everyone to do at least once or twice.

I also got a chance to meet Mae's sister which we were out having a drink at the end of the night. Looks almost the same as Mae and thus is very attractive. I wonder if they would go together with me some time?


Length of booking: 1 Day

Would you recommend Mae to other clients? yes

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Mae's Real Escort Reviews: 21 year old Udonthani escort.

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